Move over, Babadook! There's a new gay icon in town and his name is Pennywise, you know, the demonic clown featured in the recently revamped horror film, It, and he's apparently dating the good ol' Babadook.

Earlier this year, Netflix accidentally placed the Babadook in the LGBTQ film category, leading folks to share jokes about the creepy figuring being a leading icon for the community. Now, after the release of It and some viral fanart, it looks like the two are happily in love and nothing is going to stop them from harassing children. 

On Monday (September 11), Twitter user @kumibenarts shared some cute artwork of the pair holding hands as Pennywise' balloons trail behind them. "Pennywise and his boyfriend, The Babadook are off on a date to get crepes and terrorize some kids," the user captioned the photo. See the the artwork below!

Photo: Getty Images