The biggest day of the year for 880 is just around the corner.  On Monday, this entire operation moves to Pack Square Park for the second (annual?) Mountain Moral Monday.

Hard to believe a year has passed since we did our massive live broadcast, facing into a crowd of around 10,000 peaceful patriots, expressing their displeasure with the NC leadership.

A year later, things have not gotten much better. If anything the defiance of the will of a mass of people is more obnoxiously pronounced, showing that there is a clear partiality from the state GOP for fewer, richer individuals, and a flagrant disregard for the outcry from a large chunk of the public.  Indeed, there have been attempts to make the simple act of questioning the government villainous.  However, that label has not really stuck.

It sure is hard for the pious religious right to attack a group whose leader is a Reverend.  As well, the Moral Monday crowds consist of many clergy, elderly, educators, healthcare workers, and those who care so much about the injustices they see being inflicted on others, that they are willing to stand up and speak out.

Is there anything more patriotic than that?

And, unlike the Tea Party, this movement has been propelled by peaceful, hopeful and positive protests, rather than the ignorant and hate-filled right wing co-opted folks.

Asheville sure knows how to step up, when the need is there.  Last year's event was the largest of all Moral Mondays, and it went on the be named the year's most valuable protest by the Nation Magazine.

The bar is set high, as the second Mountain Moral Monday is less than 3 days away.

On our end, we're bringing media legend Bill Press to town, just to sit in with me, and co-anchor the live coverage.  Bill has been around, and seen it all.  I think he's about to see something special on Monday.

I encourage you all to come out and join us, starting at 3 PM, as Bill and I do a special 2 hours before the main event.  We want all 880 fans to join us, and be right up front for the entire event!

And, I want to see folks reach out and invite and bring along people they know who may not understand what it's all about, or have only heard the prejudiced reports against the Moral Monday.  We need to help open up some people's eyes as to what is really going on.

I think we can convert some folks, who may realize that they are hearing things that apply to them.

This Monday needs to at least be as big as last year, if not bigger.  This is an election year, and the passion should be much higher now, than it was last year.

So, let's get it together, and let's make it happen.

The right wing in the state are already clearly afraid of what the Moral Movement could mean for this November's mid-term outcome.

The solution is simple.  But the work to get there is hard.  It will be worth it.