It's no secret that the Governor, Puppet Pat McCrory, came calling on his ole buddy Pete Kaliner yesterday.

Aside from some photos that were essentially reverse photobombs from the 880 studios, and shot by Seth, I got invited over to meet the Guv during a break.

All in all, he was a nice enough guy. Misguided, certainly, but nice.

I gave him my card, upon entering the room, after shaking hands.  When I went to give him the card, mere moments after the handshake, he seemed to mistake it for an attempt to shake hands again. I guess he thought I was in and out.

One of his entourage pointed out my shirt, and the old Revolutionary War era "Join or Die" logo on the back, commenting that I was wearing a Tea Party shirt. I was able to quickly say to him, "1775. Original. No imitations."

McCrory asked if I was "Progressive or Liberal?" To which I mentioned that I preferred pragmatic and common sense.  Then McCrory ragged on Pete a bit for the whole "Libertarian" tag that Pete uses.  In fact, he gave Pete a pretty hard time the entire time.

I was able to joke a bit with him about his lack of socks with his shoes (see photo), as well as getting a few nice chuckles with him concerning my upcoming book.  Pete was actually the one who mentioned it first, to which McCrory replied:

"Am I in it?"

I told him that he is, but he gets off a little easier than his pal, Timmy Moffitt. I joked that McCrory won't have to worry too much about Tim hanging around after November, which was met with surprise, and a query about how that race is going.  When I mentioned that Tim was down by 11 points, Pete tried to deflect, citing that the polling was way off.

I mentioned the title of my book (Red State, White Guy Blues), which was met with the reply:

"Isn't that racist?"

I made the offer for him to come on the show, and promised that we were way more fun than Pete. I asked if he played an instrument, because we do a lot of that, and he could come on and play.  He mentioned that he drummed a little, which allowed me to throw out the notion of him joining the Friday night drum circle.

As I was being called back to air on 880, I took a quick shot at Pete, telling the Governor that he'd be better hanging with us, and that Pete's skin head look might give him a bad reputation.  Then I looked at the bald guy, who had commented on my shirt, and said, "No offense."


I'm sure that the 570 conversation was a lot of softballs being pitched by Pete.

I don't know what the conversation was exactly, during the hour he spent with Pete, but here's audio, if you dare. For more photos, click here.