How quickly things can change when leveler heads prevail.

I was concerned that the additional of the State Police would present a whole new series of problems, after things continued to get uglier and uglier. However, the State Police took over, and brought in a Captain who had lived in Ferguson.

Captain Ron Johnson, meet with protesters and embraced the community in a respectful manner.  The night was peaceful, but the news of the day threatened to tip the scale back.

The  Ferguson Police Chief held the most stammeringly awkward press conferences I've ever seen.  No questions, but a reveal of the name of the Officer involved, and perhaps a motive, as footage of a possible robbery at a convenience store by Michael Brown.

If this proves to be true, you can expect a lot of people to declare that this is the excuse for the Officer shooting Brown multiple times, after some sort of altercation.

It does go a little way in painting a picture of a 17 year old kid being a jerk and stealing cigars, followed by pushing an elderly looking clerk, who confronted him.  What his proves is that Brown may have been an obnoxious teen, who used his size to bully people, and enable him to steal or attempt to steal.

It does not mean that he should have been gunned down.  Or ever man-handled through a Police SUV window by the Officer who caught up to him and tried to stop him.

There's still a lot to be uncovered.

And, there is still the VERY serious issue of why the local Police did what they did for 5 days straight, in suppressing the facts, and having a brutal militarized response to citizens demanding answers.

Let us not let that fall to the wayside.

And, based on the reaction to the awkward Police Press conference this morning, things are about to ramp up again. The public are not happy. And they may take to the streets again tonight in protest.

Even Ron Johnson may not be able to huge out the peace tonight.