Ambitiously, some are hoping that the primary election that ends today will top out at a whoppingly underwhelming 12% of voter turn out.

You want to know why you're frustrated that politicians don't seem to listen to the people they supposedly serve?  Well, with that kind of apathy at the polls, we've given them all a clear indication that we simply don't care what they do.  And they have learned to take advantage of that fact.

You want to know why we're in the shape we're in?  Not enough people show up to be counted, when it is time to vote.  Plain and simple.

You know who is paying particular attention to the general apathy?  Big business.  You know, the kind of folks who can spend millions of dollars to sway politicians to supporting their aims to de-regulate and alter the fabirc of America to suit their capitalistic greed and corrupt amibition.

And because, time and time again, voter turn out is so small, they all assume that people out there simply don't care enough to show up and cast a ballot and stop them in their evil pursuits.

We're collectively making it OK for them to rape and pillage the planet in our names.

When will enough be enough?

Certainly, more than 12% of the folks out there complain about a great many things that would not even be part of the conversation if they just showed up to vote.

Today, I voted. It took less than 5 minutes.  I was ballot number 103 in my particular polling place.  By mid-day, for there to only be 103 votes cast, is pitiful.

As I gave them my info, the nice lady there informed me that, as of 2016, I would have to show a photo ID to vote.  I gave a wry smile, and said, "Unless things go well in 2014 and we put a stop to that nonesense."

She didn't quite know how to respond. So she didn't.

I hope my words weren't hollow. I hope that enough people get off their butts and get out to vote, and at least here in NC, we can take the Legislature away from Pope and McCrory, and turn this Titanic of a state around.

We can.

You can.

Will you?