As we heard from Barry Summers, on yesterday's show, this plan to make NC the capital center of the universe for all things Drone (or UAV, UAS, whichever you prefer), has been rolling along for sometime, and under the radar.  Which seems only appropriate for drones, I suppose.

Barry was the only member of the public who attended the open meeting in Raleigh on February 17, finding himself in a room full of NSA, Military and Law Enforcement officials.  And Barry found his way there, partially, after Tim Moffit sent out a barg-filled list of all of the many committees that he sits on in his dubious popsition as an NC legislator.  Compared with a list of committees on an official site, Barry noted that Timmy had ommitted the committee that was much ado about drones. 

Wonder why?

Well, Tea Party darlings like Timmy probably see the dangers of bragging about such distinctions to a group of narrow voters who are opposed in large numbers to the ideas of drones in their skies. This might translate to losing a lot of singular-minded, single-issue voters.

A town in Colorado issued licenses for drone hunting last year, which is making its way through the court system now.  Contempt is high on the part of the left-most politically alligned AND the radical right in this nation.  Whiplash of epic proportions could be felt last year, when Rand Paul's fake filibuster against drones was met with cheers from the left and right.

So, is Timmy Moffit trying to have it both ways?  No surpise there.

But what are the implications in the upcoming election?

It would seem to me that this is the prime topic to use against Moffit by Brian Turner (whom I met last week at the Tate MacQueen campaign kickoff, and plan to have on the show soon) in his run against Moffit.

I think we need to make sure that this gets talked about constantly, invoking Moffit's name everytime we do.