I think, finally, my armpits have dried.  I worked up quite the sweat last night, as I rolled through 6 hours of radio.

First, huge thanks to Norm's team for making it so smooth and easy.  I was actually more concerned about the IM communication and timing of the show, as they were broadcasting out of Los Angeles, and we were just sending our signal to them. So, there was a slight lag time between what we were hearing and what was happening.  Thanks to Seth for keeping me in time, giving a 10 second countdown to keep me from coming in early.

Besides Seth, thanks to Kris, here at 880 on the IT side of things, for making sure all the bells and whistles were up and running smoothly.

Once I got into the groove, it was great fun.  I sort of amused myself (and I think Seth too) in my opening, which was fiery and highly animated.  Pure adrenaline pumping at the top.

I was thrilled to bring Tate MacQueen to a national audience, and have seen numerous posts and comments from people around the country with high praise for his soft spoken and powerful delivery.

I also got David Huff of True Blue NC to talk about the youth vote and his organizations push to inform and inspire first time voters.

Barry Summers, and his perfectly timed Op-Ed about NC drones, stopped by, and really got the callers activated.  I've gotten quite a few comments about that stark story and its implications.

Finally, I brought in Legacy Films' Theresa Phillips to share a lesser known legend about the origins of Abraham Lincoln and his ties to this region of NC.

The show went fast, and the callers from all over the country (Illinois, Berkley, Sherman Oaks, Denver, and NC) were great!

When it was all said and done, I felt pretty good about the experience, but have no clear perspective of how it sounded or came across.  I've gotten lots of great feedback, and appreciate it.  But, it was a bit of an out of body experience.

Here's hoping that Norm calls again, and I can spend more time with his great audience.