Moral Monday, July 1, was massive.  84 arrests, and - by some reports - as many as 6000 people protesting the immoral and corrupt legislature of NC.  What a turn out, on a day when the House elected to just take the whole week off.  But not the Senate.  No, no. They clearly had work they wanted to get done.

Folks were there to mark the day that NC's dunderheaded Puppet Guv Patty "Pinochio" Mac, decided that the Federal Unemployment Emergency funding marked for NC might be better used by other states.  Oh, yes, HE - hero in his head that he is - would make the sacrifice by sacrificing some 70,000 of his subjects - um, oh, sorry, I mean citizens - to the gods of Fiscal Frivolity, by refusing to take the Federal funds. Thus prolonging the suffering of the long-suffering unemployed in the state, while paying back the Federal monies owed, a whopping 3 years ahead of the regular schedule.  Nevermind that we now have some 70,000 families effected by it, not able to support of provide for themselves now, nor spend the unemployment pittance that it was, therefore kicking money into the local and state economy.  No, no.  Can't have that in the Lipton Teabagging, good ole, Rebel Yell Hell that has become NC.

It says something, when yesterday was the largest Moral Monday yet, because of the abuse being dealt to the unemployed.

Then Tuesday... oh, my, Tuesday... The Senate slipped something new into the assinine Anti-Sharia law they were working needlessly hard on, in hopes to - oh, I don't know - keep NC from suddenly waking up one morning to find towers to Mecca erected in every community, and citizens being forced to bow to the East and chant to the minarets!  I mean, without anti-Sharia laws in place, how on Earth could we go on?  Everyday, I say to myself: Sharia is lurking just around the corner like a slightly Hispanic Florida gated community, self-appointed night watchman, ready to pounce and take away our sugary sweet skittles and Arizona Iced Tea.  Arizona?  Hispanic watchman?  Tea?  Teabags? Illegal immigrants? 17 year old, almost voting age black kid? Sharia law in NC? No gays, more guns, no abortion clinics, poor people dying in the streets outside of gated communities?  I smell a major CONSPIRACY!!!

All right. Sorry.  Where was I?  (Though I should point out the use of the words "hard on" and "erected" in that last little bit as some subtle wordplay about how our righty leadership feels about passing such laws.  They don't need little blue pills, when they can just get SO turned on by hurting people they view as beneath them.  It's like they watch too many episodes of GAME OF THRONES and start getting ideas from it about how to rule.)

But anyway....

The NC Senate have added an anti-abortion law that, while disguised as a move to increase safety standards - actually moves to eliminate abortion availability to folks who might be in that particular need.

I don't know.  I don't need to worry about it myself.  I'm not in the market for an abortion, really.  And I'm betting that the pasty white old men who passed this thing aren't either.  Though, I am willing to bet that the reason they are so opposed to abortion is because they know that, in the future, when certain defects can be detected early on in the pregnancy, perhaps parents who learn that their little seed might grow up to be like the evil asses of power in NC today, they might elect to abort those vile fetuses rather than take the risk.  Maybe.  Though I doubt they can think that much about a future that they won't be living in, and don't seem to care about.

But here we are: a day after the biggest crowds yet descended on the capital, the GOP/tea-totallers decide to pull this stunt. 

I've aleady seen calls go out for 10,000 people to show up next Monday as a result of this.  Do the folks in Raleigh not get the simple action-reaction concept?  Or do they want this kind of attention on the state?  Time, BBC, NY Times, Prime Time Cable news - they are all covering this story.  Big time.  All talking about how far backward NC has slipped.  This is major press.  And not good.  Or is it good for them?  Or do they think it is?  Boggles the mind. Well, the mind of the midful, at any rate.

But let's do a quick round up of people that the NC "leadership" have gone after, or hurt and damaged in the past months of power:  Those in need of Medicaid - the sick, the elderly and poor, teachers and classrooms, the unemployed, LGBT citizens, and now ALL women.  That's a lot of damage to a lot of folks. Gezz.  Looking at that last, I wonder who exactly it is that they have not brought harm to with their immoral leadership?  Hm.  Let's see.  Oh.  OK.  I see the one group not being beaten down:  rich, old, white men. 

Well, isn't that interesting?