After the US Supreme Court ruled against the folks effected by the CTS contamination, they also dealt a blow to the folks at Camp Lejune.

And, if there's one thing you don't do during an election year, that's support the criminal poisoning of Marines! The citizens near CTS, naturally, matter a good bit less to them.  But the troops? Oh, the troops!

Regardless, out of something bad, some good can be done by some typically bad people, who need to look good to get re-elected so they can continue to be bad.

Got that?

Little Timmy Moffit, quickly sent out a press release, praising the unanimous support from the NC GA, in defiance to the US Supreme Court's ruling.

Check out Tim's statement, supporting the whip-lash worthy manuevers of he and his comrades.


For Immediate Release

June 18, 2014


Moffitt Statement on the Passage of Senate Bill 574


“I’m grateful to the Senate for taking such decisive action on our groundwater contamination language and I understand that the Governor has indicated he wants to sign it into law as soon as possible. These are very positive developments for the people of Buncombe County and our service members’ families at Camp Lejeune.


"The General Assembly clearly believes that the folks who were poisoned should have their day in court. The original law was never intended to apply to groundwater contamination and this bill absolutely clarifies the original legislative intent."

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