Some of you may know that I've got a particular affinity for Robin Hood, having co-authored a very well-liked stage production based on the character. Check out my facebook page for more on that ongoing part of my life:

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I also follow a group called "the Robin Hood Tax USA" which provide some great, and insightful charts, among which, is this great one from a few days ago:



You can follow them on facebook!/RobinHoodTaxUsa and on Twitter @RobinHoodTax
One of my favorite memes of the week, has to be this one, pointing out a pretty simple financial fact, and poking a finger in the eye of the so-called "Fiscal Conservatives:"

There's also a great one about what effect a $12 minimum wage would have on WalMart goods (of evils):
And, finally, the item we talked about yesterday, comparing 1993 technology to 2013 technology, and pointing out that somehow the world hasn't figured out how to get over the oil hump.  This one generated some pretty dumb right-wing defenses: