In a first (and in spite of Puppet Pat saying he's "tried" to meet with the folks from Moral Monday), Senate Leader Phil Berger sat down outside his offices with fifteen of the protesters yesteday.

Education was the focus, as the fifteen people stayed behind, and expected to be arrested. Instead (and, as has become the new norm), no police came to get them, but rather, Phil Berger showed up to talk with them.

Berger arrived around 8 PM and had couches arranged for them sit on and talk. Though, by the end, neither side appeared to change their previous stance.

Berger agreed to follow- up on the group’s request for a further public dialogue by the end of this month, and they agreed to leave the building.

“I’m glad that we got to meet,” said Holly Hardin, who teaches in Durham County. “But if some of these proposals don’t come through, we’ll be back.”

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