“I would rather die fighting for what is right, then to live accepting what is wrong”.- Richard Lynch

This quote is on the "ABOUT" page on his website.  I was made away, by listener Gary, that Richard Lynch had a pretty scary/creepy campaign slogan on his signs:

"Freedom of Force. You Decide."

That sends shivers.  What is the implication?  Clearly it is aimed to scare up some of the Tea Party folks.  But who is he talking about?  Is Patrick McHenry the "force" and Lynch the "freedom?"  He does not explain.

Indeed, his whole website is riddled with hollow quotes and sayings that create a fearful emotion in certain parts of the public.  And it is very deliberate in the fear tactics and the vague wording.

Of course, Lynch is running in the Primary against McHenry to see who will face off against Tate MacQueen in November.

Would that then make MacQueen the "Force" people should fear?

Also, notince that my use of the word "then" in the previous sentence is correct. Unlike the quote that is attributed to Lynch at the bottom of his "About" page of his website.  How reckless of his people to use "then" instead of "than." Not that the crowd he's pitching to would notice.

Here's what he has listed underthe "Latest News" on the front page:

Who will stand with me? Who will demand equality and justice for all? There is a very evil destructive force afoot in our great nation. Click here for more

A "very evil destructive force afoot in our great nation." Really?  That's the latest news?  I guess we should all click here for more.  And, is me, or does the "afoot" part make you think of the Monty Python foot coming down and crushing people?

And how about the main quote from Lynch, on his main page of his website?

“It is time the American people demand that the media stop employing sound bite tactics that only serve to spin the issues.”

                                                                                               Richard Lynch

How is that the main thing you want people to take away?  Especially when things like "Freedom or Force" and "very evil destructive force" not contradict that very quote?

Oh, the sad irony.

The Lynch page, and by extension, campaign is easily mockable.  I picked it apart on air, in a matter of minutes.

But what is scarier?  The fact that this is what he's peddling, or that he and people like him actually believe in those things?

You decide.