Have you seen the right wing bashing away about Michael Brown somehow deserving what happened to him?  Today, I saw a photo that someone put up on social media, showing Brown holding a pistol, with a wad of cash in his teeth, looking at the camera.


My question is this:  Do the people who find this sort of photo as proof that the kid deserved being killed by Officer Wilson, yet feel patriotic and proud when they see and "like" photos of carry conceal proponents strolling, cock-sure, through Big Box Stores and Fast Food Joints?
If they can find nothing but rainbows and sunshine in the open carry folk, yet have been frothing to find some gangsta thug looking photo of Brown to use as a counter to murder, then they are proving that they are approaching this from a purely racist stand point.
Equally, the folks who praised the Bundy Ranchers for aiming assault rifles at Federal Agents, and threatening to line up women and children as human shields, should an actual firefight break out, are (mostly) this time supporting the Ferguson Police tactics.
Perhaps they would reverse their stances if the entire Ferguson protest group showed up tonight with assault rifles, and perched behind barracades and take aim at the Police.
But I don't think so.
If the folks of Ferguson were to take up massive arms, and level the same threats that came from Bundy's bunch, a lot of Black folk in Ferguson would be shot dead on sight, without a blink or an ounce of remorse.
The logic of the highly-illogical, lacks all logic.
Where is Sean Hannity? Ted Nugent? The NRA?
It would seem that they only support the right to stand up to authority, when it is to their advantage. So, all their talk of patriotism and rights, doesn't hold water, in light of their lack of support for people who are busy defending their 1st Amendment rights, and not their 2nd.
The whole situation continues to play out, with more chaos than calm.
And, now that Attorney General Eric Holder is headed to the scene of the crime(s), the Ferguson Police are NOW interested in finding solutions, including cameras to be worn by law enforcement.
Of course, the next time they give some perp a tune up, they can also charge them for getting blood on the cameras too.
The Grand Jury has convened, while several agencies have investigations underway.  The FBI alone have conducted hundreds of interviews with people there.
Interesting, isn't it, that the Ferguson Police didn't decide to get very proactive until the pressure from every level above them has begun in earnest.  Mind you, it is over 10 days late.
Read the Wall St Journal article, including a number of comments from Eric Holder, ahead of his visit: