All of the media were caught flatfooted last night, when House GOP Leaver, Eric Cantor, lost his primary to David Brat, who has been alternately called a "tea party" candidate, to a Libertarian.

What we do know is that Cantor, a widely disliked polititican, seems to have also been pretty hated by the GOP.  He had spent nearly $6 million to fend off the upstart challenge from an economics prof. And polling gave Cantor anywhere from a 10 point lead to well into the 30 point range.  I guess having yes-man polling may be a bad idea.

Brat defeated Cantor by nearly 12 points.

Virginia has some unique laws as pertains to elections, and Cantor can not mount a write in run for November.  So, he's gone.  And today he stepped down as Leader in the House.  So much for his hopes of taking Boehner's slot as Speaker.