You could not find two busier men than District Attorney Ron Moore and Buncombe County Sheriff Van Duncan. Yet, they took the time to come by the show today to talk about a major new initiative they are promoting: Public Assistance Fraud.

They revealed some concerns that are growing rapidly within our county (and surely beyond) of a variety of methods of Public Assistance Fraud, centering largely on EBT cards and pin numbers being sold, reported stolen, and used in ways that often deny the benefits to those in real need.

The problems run deep, and it is a tangled web of poverty, drugs, and desperation.

Joining forced with the Health and Human Services of Buncombe County, efforts are ramping up to find, pursue and prosecute those who are engaged in these activities.

A new program is being rolled out, with a tip line for people to call and report instances they know of where this sort of fraud is happening.

Please share the number, and help to stop the criminal abuse that is happening to those who are the most in need of Public Assistance.

CRIME STOPPER line:  (828) 252 5050