If you've been keeping track, the totals for early voting in Buncombe County ended up at just under 9000 votes.  I will say, it could have been better.  Much, much better.  However, it could have been worse.  Of course, I think it should be better than ever.  We should have the aim to have record turnout.  Why?  to scare all politicians, who watch the polls, and would cringe in fear to see massive voter interest.

Well, tomorrow is it.  May 6, 2014.  That's the day after Cinco de mayo and two days after Star Wars Day.  It is the Primary for the upcoming 2014 mid-term elections.

So, go vote! And be sure that others around you vote too.  It really is that important.

If you want to check out the vote tracker, here's the link:


We are in this together, and the odds are stacked against us.  It is time to rise up and do the one thing we can to turn back the tide of far right radicalism in NC, and beyond.  We can vote.