Results are in. 14.95% voter turnout.  That's above the optimistic 12% that had been predicted, but still pitifully low.  27,527 out of 184,074 voters turned out in total.

Kay Hagen won big, carrying over 86% of the vote. In Buncombe Thom Tillis came in second behind Greg Brannon, but won the state, setting up the fight everyone expected for November.

Local surprise results included the huge ouster of District Attorney Ron Moore by Tood Williams, by35% margin.

GOP County Commish, David King, got sent home by Miranda DeBruhl by 20% and less than 800 votes.

Ellen Frost and Brownie Newman held their Commission seats.

Robin Hudson holds onto her NC Supreme Court seat.

And a November showdown for District Court Judge is set between Ed Clontz, and top vote getter, J Matthew Martin.

Patrick McHenry defeated Richard Lynch 3144 to 968, setting up the Mc vs Mac race against Tate MacQueen for Congress in the 10th, this November.

And that's the results.  Now, we've got until November to get organized and get out the vote at historic levels.  It can be don.