Several callers yesterday set us off down a dark path.  And maybe a needed one.

Caller Matt expressed himself extraordinarily well in saying that America and the world were already too far gone on many levels and that the people in power knew this, and all that we are witnessing now in our world is the rich, powerful and influential scooping up as much as they can before the buzzer sounds and a new world order replaces what we have come to know.

I am paraphrasing heavily, of course, but that was the gist of his throughts.  And it really made me think about this hypothesis.

Resoruces are finite.  The ability to manage the government is finite based on the current policies and attitudes.  At some point, things will just run out, or stop.  Then what?  And that's the hard question.  What comes out the other side of this?

It conjures up things that were previously reserved for post-modern sci-fi films that were meant to be cautionary tales, but were perhaps just used to entertain rather than enlighten.

Indeed, it is hard to not see that things are primed for a major change, a drastic change. A new world order.  Not being all "Second coming" or anything, but I do think that the way of the future will look very different from the past.  And we may not have as much control over it as we think.

The rich, powerful and influential may not either.  And I dare say that a society of people who are used to being beaten down and living with less stand a far greater chance of survival than the silver spoon/CEO bonus crowd.

At any rate, it should be fun to watch as the ivory towers crumble.  Whenever it does come down to that.


Stay tuned....