On Friday we spoke about the now-infamous Cecil Bothwell scandal of last week.

Here are the bullet points:

* Bothwell used his City Council card (which allows him to park for free) to let over 60 people out of the parking garage on Mountain Moral Monday.

*Said card, clearly shows that he indeed swiped it some 63 or 64 times (one should assume that he himself used it once.)

*People freaked out about it, once it was made "news."

* The County sent Bothwell a bill for $512 to cover the cost.

*Bothwell instantly agreed to pay for it, and didn't make any more of a deal of it.


Oh, but what a big deal some people think it is!

And, sadly, a lot of partisan hacks came spewing out to let their partisanship decide how they felt about it all.

According to many, there was a malfunction in the garage.  I can attest to something being out of sorts, based on last year's ease with which we all got out of that garage after a larger Mountain Moral Monday event.

Bill Press had to be taken to the airport in the 880 van, when he could not get out, and feared not making his flight at 8:15.

I noticed that the cars were backed up to the top of the deck, trying to get out, and I thought it seemed odd.

Reports have since come out, saying that there was, indeed some level of malfunction.  And, Bothwell took the time to stop, and, as a City official, address the problem, and find a solution.  He also knew full well that he would be identified for this, since his card is something that can be easily traced.

Talk over the weekend got down right silly, as some anti-Bothwell, right wing hacks started screeching that Bothwell had screwed the County out of funds. 

The irony is thick in light of the $500,000 that the County Commissioners gave up to County employees.  And, certainly, a lot of folks lost their minds over that one (left and right).  But, let's get some perspective:  $500 versus $500,000 is a big gap.  Please, people, get a grip.

Surprisingly some folks who I know to be right wing, were willing to wait for the whole story to come out.  But very few.

Bottom line: Bothwell stepped up and did a good deed, with no regard to the consequences.  And, no one got hurt, the County that gave away $500,000 will get their $500.