Nate Silver is one of those guys who knows his business.  He's a numbers guy, and he can crunch like a captain.  Much more often than not, he is able to mathematically determine results of elections.  His site is one of the best out there, for analyzing numbers and predicting results.

There are many hot Senate races out there that are cause for concern:

His latest blog post there, has some Dems worried (they should be) and some GOP folk feeling happy about their chances at taking the Senate back in November:

He is saying that the GOP are slight favorites in the Senate races, and look to gain a 6 seat lead, thus turning over the control of the Senate in November.

The GOP love to hate Nate Silver, especially since he correctly pointed out, early on, in 2012, that Mitt Romney had no chance of victory.  The Right decried Silver's political math wizardry as being wrong, or rigged, or both.  Wonder how they feel about this revelation?

The upside for Democrats is that Silver's sounding of the loser alarm, tends to get donations up for the Dems.  And, sad to say, the whole thing revolves around who can raise and spend the most money in this year's election.

Here's a great article to break it down:

Personally, I think that the Dems should be ashamed of themselves that this is even a serious discussion at this point.

Anyone remember the Government Shutdown of October 1, 2013?  This one event, alone, should have sealed the fates of the GOP for 2014. It was an epic folly that should have signaled the begining of the end of the GOP as we know it.

Never let it be said that the Dems can't find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

As well, the Affordable Care Act, which is approaching the end of enrollment, has become an embarassment for the 54-times-and-counting repeal-slappy-happy House GOP. 

With a week left to enroll, new enrollees have crossed 5 million, with a combined 7 million more who have been postively impacted by the Medicaid expansion, and the ability for young people, 26 and under, to stay on their parent's plans. Even at conservative (little "C") estimates, that puts well over 10 million people on the books since October 1.  Yet the GOP narrative contiues to set the tone, and the Dems do precious little to correct the slanderous record.

Will someone check those politicians's own insurance policies and see if Spine implants are included?  I can think of a lot of so-called "progressive" and "liberal" politicians who need one. Stat!