I have to really resist the temptation to pull major April Fool's Day pranks.  It is the underlying mischief of my nature.

So, to prevent too much temptation, I have a nice slate of guests for the final 2 hours of the show today:

First up, at the top of the 4 PM hour - we have The Ambassador of Laughter from Ringling Brothers' Circus dropping by.  I still have my fake clown nose from last year's visit!

Then, we have Bob Robertson dropping by to talk about the upcoming Earth Day, on April 20!

And, in the 5 PM hour, we will have Steve Alford on the show talking about his band - Rational Discourse - who are playing 3 weekly live shows at the new Mothlight in West Asheville, and recording a live album out of it. 

A full plate today, April Fool's Day 2014.

Now, my day will be made if Obama comes out today and announces that he has decided to cancel the ACA.

Oh, the exploding heads!