We got some info yesterday about the extra-special meeting that was called for the Legistlative Servies Commission (who have not held a meeting since 1999). As you may know, the NC Legislature is back in session, and Moral Monday is set to arrive in a few short days.

In order for the Commission to meet, people hadd to be appointed to it, and the GOP-leadership placed 8 Republicans and 2 Democrats on the Commission.

Last year, the Moral Monday folks helped to draw a lot of focus and critical review upon the new GOP-controld State (first time in over a century, and now we know why...)

NC was on many front pages, and on a lot of TV for the protests, which led to nearly 1000 arrests of citizens.

The new rules are so incredibly clearly aimed to deter the Moral Monday folks.  Afraid much, NC GOP?

The crux of it all has to do with access to the Capital, and what constitutes a "disturbance."

That provision gives examples: being loud enough to impair others’ ability to talk in a normal tone of voice, singing, clapping, shouting, playing instruments or using amplifiers. The provision also prohibits acting in a manner that would “imminently disturb” the General Assembly.

What is more concerning is that, passed on a voice vote, this new set of rules does not have to go before the full body, and WILL be in effect this coming Monday, when the first 2014 Moral Monday protest kicks off.

Tense times are ahead, and it looks like there may be room for more arrests being made.

Is the GOP creating a bigger mess that will backfire?  I guess you don't think things through too clearly, when you are that afraid of the citizens questioning the ethics and morals of a body that is the epitome of amoral.

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2014/05/15/4912967/legislature-adopts-new-rules-on.html#.U3YzGhnD_qB#storylink=cpy