The first episode of REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE, Live from the 880 Studio, is up now!

This web exclusive podcast series focuses on all the great artists we have playing live in the studios here on 880. The first episode features our good friends, the talented, young band The River Rats!

What better way to kick it off!

Seth and I will be releasing a special Toad The Wet Sprocket podcast next week, and are planning some great things down the road!  Of course, the more we do it, the easier it will get.  The first episode is very organic, and free-flowing, as we have not settled on the exact format of the show as of yet.  This will come with time, and I'm looking forward to joining the world of podcasting!

Asheville's music scene is huge, and I want to be out in front, helping spread the word.

Please feel free to tweet, and share the link online with your friends.  They can listen on 880's website, or they can download each episode and take it with them on their portable device.

21st century, here we come!