I'm not going to brag. Really, I'm not.  However, we essentially scooped everyone on the news yesterday about the Second (Annual?) Mountain Moral Monday event!

Well, we got it from www.ashevilleblade.com via Lesley Boyd's write up, published there yesterday afternoon, but we did (again) scoop the more major media here in town.

In fact, the Asheville Citizen Times only reported it online a few hours ago.


To be fair, the Mountain Xpress, also released info online today, about an hour earlier than the A C-T: http://mountainx.com/news/mountain-moral-monday-rally-returns-to-asheville-aug-4/

Of course, as they point out, the Mountain People's Assemble did not announce it on their website until today: http://mountainmoralmonday.wordpress.com/

So, perhaps the cat was let out of the bag a little early by Lesley and David Forbes at the Blade.  And, then, of course, by me on 880.

Regardless of who got it first, who said it first, it is the news that we've been waiting for here on 880!

Last year, on August 5, we had a huge day, broadcasting the entire show, plus an extra hour, live from the stage of the Mountain Moral Monday event that drew upward of 10,000 people (by official counts). You can see a great overview of most of the crowd, in the Mt Xpress story above. (Also, below is a shot I took)

Of course,Here's hoping that this year's turn out, in a serious election year, passes last year's, which was the largest of ALL of the Moral Monday events in 2013, and was later named as the number one Progressive Protest by The Nation Magazine.

You can bet that 880 is going to be there again, and covering it all live, top to bottom, with an array of special guests, and the big speeches!

Just 20 days now and counting!

I hope to see you all there!