I am still floating, after Monday.  Sure, the crowd may have been a little smaller than the one last year, but what they brought in the way of passion and power, certainly made up for it.

And, of course, all the great 880 fans who came down early and helped up have a ton of fun through our first 2 hours of the broadcast, really made my afternoon.  It was so great to see so many new faces (which I could finally match to the voices) as well as familiar ones: Greyhawk, Phillip (caller), Phillip (listener, non-caller) James, Brother Darrow, Randall, Leslie (a major mover and shaker at the event), Sue and her daughter, Susan, Kelly Johnson Wolfe, Barry, Tate, Boyd (caller), Benji (old buddy from grade school!), Dr Franklin, Mrs Dr Franklin, Rick (my education expert), Jan, Harry, Peter Choyce and SO many more!

It was a special day, all the way around!

People left us gifts, T-shirts, and brought us a lot of good cheer! Even those who were there that didn't come up and say hello, checked in online, shared photos of the event, and helped propel us forward!

And, who could forget the great Bill Press for being here! I am still in awe of it all. I have to pinch myself, when I think about the moment that we stood there huddled with Reverend Barber, getting a very special interview.

It was a moment of a lifetime, to be standing with a living legend, and with a man who will make history with his powerful faith and drive for justice.

The whole day was a whirlwind, that went by so fast, it is hard to believe.

And, we were there capturing the entire thing, live!  Check out the full podcast, if you missed it:


I would be totally remiss if I did not give credit where it is due, however, to the great team at Clear Channel Asheville, for making it all happen!

Brian Hall, Seth Stewart, Jim Meyer, Chris Karb, Mitch Ensley, Jeremy Powell, Jessica Lee, and the whole family, really helped us to step up to the plate and deliver a homerun for Asheville!

And, I am humbled by the wonderful comments, and all of the support.  As I said on air yesterday, I realized how lucky I am to be here, doing this, and sharing this time and experience with all of you!

Relive the great day, through our wonderful gallery (photos by Jeremy Powell):


And look for a special podcast of the post speech interview that Bill Press and I did with Reverend Barber, coming soon to this blog page!