In Statesville yesterday, there were 400 or so people on hand to have their voices join the Moral Monday movement.

Leslie Boyd called in to give us a great perspective from the event, and we listened to a great MSNBC interview with Reverends Barber and Warnock, discussing the rise and rapid growth of the movement. If you missed it, here's a link to the video:

And, if you want to go deepers into it all, notice that Reverend Barber has a whole Youtube page dedicated to interviews and speeches.  You can get educated, or just caught up:

I would be remiss to not mention that my great pals, Mikey and Mario at Asheville Channel, were by my side on the Mountain Moral Monday last August, and covered the entire event.  They also joined me in Raleigh on February 8, for the HKonJ march that saw upwards of 100,000 people show up to kick off 2014!  Check their coverage as well: (you can also watch my show daily, streaming live from their site)

The big take away from it all, however, is the reality that Moral Monday has caught on and spread like populist wildfire, as states around the nation are adopting the same movement. Georgia, Albama, Wisconsin, South Carolina, and others are fast-tracking their own versions, and many have already gotten under way.

Personally, I am very excited that Moral Monday is here, and will only get bigger.  I can't wait to spend Monday's talking up the events, and Tuesdays hearing tales from the folks who attended.

And, I look forward to taking this show back to the street, for more than one event this year!

This year is so very important for North Carolina, as much hangs in the balance.  We can turn the sinking ship around and start plugging the hole that the Pope Puppet Pat Regime have gouged into the hull.  But we can't do it without activists and activism that works!  Moral Mondays are working, and will only get bigger and better!

And, here we are: on the front lines!