When we go on the air today, it will be a mere 12 hours before I wake up and head out to join 300 or so other West Carolinians on a small fleet of buses bound for Raleigh for the Moral March tomorrow.

I am quite excited, as news had grown this week about the march, and how much larger it is expected to be than any other Moral Monday event from 2013.

Yesterday, I got the portable recording equipment from here at the station, and am planning to conduct live interviews on the bus, during the march and on the way home. 

As well, I will be there, in the midst of it all, for the event itself.  And, by my side, will be Asheville Channel's Mike and Mario.  www.ashevillechannel.com

Mike and Mario and I were there on Mountain Moral Monday, together, covering the event from start to finish.  No other news organizations have done this.  Sure, they sent press to cover and get some footage, but Asheville Channel and 880 The Revolution covered the whole event.   And tomorrow, we are going to do it again in Raleigh.

So... bed time comes early tonight, no doubt.  But, oh, what a day tomorrow will be.

I hope to see many of you there.  Please come see me to be interviewed.

And join me back here next week as we share the adventures with all of you on the airwaves!