Having to wear that wristband the whole time not withstanding, I enjoyed Moog Fest.  I enjoyed it a lot!

I had been on the fence, as I was not a super fan of any of the acts announced.  I supported the notion of a bigger, better Moog Fest, but didn't see myself getting all that excited about it.

Then the whole McCrory story went wildly out of control, and I got into the middle of all of that controversy.

By the time it got here, I was Mooged out.  But, as luck would have it, I ended up at the VIP party on Wednesday (after McCrory had left) and I went to Pet Shop Boys that night.

And it was fun.

Thanks to having some media level access, I ended up also attending Kraftwerk 3D on Friday, which was mind-blowingly good, despite the narrow field of topics used in the music (a lot of modes of transport, from Autobahn, to Trains, to Tour De France, to Space ships).

A buddy of mine met two men from Miami, who said they came all the way here just to see Kraftwerk 3D.  And the word is that this particular show is only being done half a dozen times or so in the US. And they did 3 shows here.  So, it was a rare treat for sure.

That same buddy (you all know him as Doctor Franklin, on the air) went to the Nile Rodgers lecture at  the standing room only Diana Wortham Theatre on Saturday, and was beside himself with praise for Rodgers's story and the lecture as a whole.

And, Saturday night, two friends and I took in Chic with Nile Rodgers, for a fun, funky show to cap off the Moog experience.

I cut the wristband off on Sunday morning, but oddly, I have had phantom sense of it ever since. Moog Fest lingers on.

By all accounts, it was a success.  And, after all the hullabaloo early on about McCrory, I have to say that the people who attended Moog Fest, probably didn't know about it, nor care.

It was celebration. It was the new begining for something bigger, and better for the years to come with Moog.