Puppet Governor Pat McCrory is not coming to Moog Fest next Wednesday.

That's the important thing.  And it bears repeating, because, it seems, it is easy to lose sight of the simplicity of that fact.

McCrory is NOT coming to Moog.

What should be good news, is actually not sitting well with some.  Namely a group that were poised to protest the Governor and his appearance, as it had been reported.

But, let's back up a bit.

On Monday's show, I mad mention of the group, and their Facebook group:


Naturally, I was pretty happy to see a protest against McCrory, the little wooden boy.  I even joked about it, noting that Moog and McCrory didn't seem like a good fit.  Not really his speed.  I made a specific joke about McCrory mistaking Kraftwork with the mac & cheese people.

And, knowing some folks in high places over on the Moog side of things, I dropped an email to them, noting that the news of McCrory's appearance had sparked a protest, and that it seemed like this would be a pretty bad move to have a widely hated governor tainting what should be a glorious celebration.

I got a call, the minute my show ended on Monday, and with it, some clarification.

McCrory, love him (who does?) or hate him (a large group), is the Governor. And Moog Fest is a big deal.  Huge potential.  So, it would seem natural that the people in charge would invite dignitaries of all types.  I mean, that's PR 101 stuff.  You want a lot of focus, a lot of pomp, a lot of praise, and a lot of support from all angles for something this big.

Naturally, he was invited.  And naturally, he would be (if he accepted) slotted for the kickoff and the major events at said kickoff. And no doubt, the invite was accompanied with a schedule, showing how and where he would fit into the proceedings.

And that's where it all started to get out of hand.

By the way: McCrory is NOT coming to Moog.  Don't forget.

Several media sources reported that he was confirmed, scheduled, ordained, or what have you, to be at the event.

The Asheville Citizen Times, and Ashevegas both ran it as if it was a 100% lock.

My sources asked that I not keep after the story, as the info out there was not accurate as it was being reported, and the reporting was based on partial information that had been taken to the furthest assumption.  Need we talk about assuming?

So, I didn't talk about it Tuesday at all.  Mind you, I would have loved it if he attended.  My show that day would have been a cakewalk of a show. I would have had 3 hours of ranting about it, calling people who were at the protest, etc.  It would have been great!

On Wednesday, I got confirmation that McCrory was, indeed, not coming.  He had declined the invite, citing scheduling conflicts.

Just to double check, I put in a quick call to the Governor's office on Thursday, identifying myself as a member of the Asheville media, a radio host, and that I was interested in securing an interview with the Governor while he was in town, as my show airs from 3 to 6, and I would be able to have him on after his Moog duties were finished.  I was told that he would not be coming.


Now, I had been following the Facebook group all week, as I know a number of people who were planning to attend the protest.  And, last night, I went to the page and took note of conversations there that were ongoing.  Honestly, I knew that a lot of folks would be arranging their work schedules and lives in order to attend the protest next week. And I knew that McCrory was not going to be there.

I also knew that other media outlets should have been made aware of what I had known for a few days, yet they had not ran stories countering their previous stories announcing that McCrory was coming.

Not sure why they were taking so long. 

Oh, and - McCrory is NOT coming to Moog.  Pass it on.

So, I took a moment to post on the page, simply saying: "He isn't coming.  Turned down "courtesy" invite."

What followed was a flurry of people losing some of their minds, and a bit of grasp on the real focus.

Here's a link to it.  Read and weep and/or laugh:


Kind of a "shoot the messenger" mentality.

Of course, reality kind of took away their cause and reason for the moment of righteous rage, which can be deflating. I get that.  But, the reactions were, at times, unprofessional and petty.  Which, by the way, plays all too well into the stereotype that the GOP folks in Raliegh would like to point fingers at, here in Asheville.

Now, I understand there's a lot of ego involved. And such realities and revelations can be tough to take, after putting so much passion into getting organized.  But, my aim was to inform and provide accurate updates.  What resulted was a pretty shameful breakdown by people who were wanting to be taken seriously for their efforts to address outrage.

Maybe a bit of focus got lost. Maybe I underestimated how upset some would be to learn that they thing they were so invested in, was ultimately false.

Mind you, McCrory was invited.  Yes, he was.  And, certainly, he could have accepted.  But he didn't.  No matter what reports there were that lead people to believe that it was a done deal.

Don't blame me.  I'm just the messenger.

And, word of advise:  if you want to be taken seriously, acting professional is key.  And picking fights with someone who is on your side, might not be in your best interest.  I love the TeaBag and GOP cannibalism, but don't think it becomes those of us on the Progressive side.  And, I saw some ugly "Terminus" level foreshadowing coming off of my attempts to share actual facts and info.

Oh, and by the way - McCrory is not coming to Moog. In case you didn't hear.  Or didn't want to believe.  Neither of which changes the reality.