Those who go to the Moral Mondays get my respect for going.  Those who go every week, really amaze me.  Those who go, and plan to let themselves be arrested for the cause, impress me beyond belief.

Let's think about that.  These people are willing to be arrested because they feel THAT strongly about the way-off-track agenda of the GOP-led NC General Assembly. They see the wrong, the immorality, and they are aiming to do something about it, despite the threats made against them, and the attempts by those they are protesting trying to stop the movement.

They are patriots. Plain and simple.  They are patriots for themselves, and for others, who can't make the trip, or the sacrifice.

I've spoken with so many who have gone, and have been arrested.  And I respect them all.

My thoughts are with the folks out there today, for a Mass Moral Monday - the last of this session.