David Cohen perfectly captures it in his new cartoon. Love David's work (some of which is poised to be featured in my upcoming book: RED STATE, WHITE GUY BLUES.  And, of course, Cecil gets a word or two in the book as well.
The story had continued to spin madly out of control, now having been picked up by national media outlets, and getting a nice workout on local news.
A new wrinkle to the tale would seem to put Buncombe County Commissioner Mike Fryar out of the pan and into the flame over an incident where he apparently forced a parking gate open (tools perhaps even involved, adding to the premeditated angle) to allow friends to exit.  Certainly nowhere near the more altruistic act of Bothwell.

However, a lot of the screeching continues, as many only have the singular argument that Fryar's actions do not excuse Bothwell's.
Well, duh.  If anything they make Fryar look all the worse, and show a decided partiality toward County Commission members doing property damage to County property, then turning a blind eye.  I can only imagine that Fryar would have gotten away with it clean, had this situation with Bothwell not come up. So, thanks are in order, right? I mean Bothwell's actions helped uncover a cover up by the County over Fryar's actions, and such things should be investigated thoroughly.  What did Wanda Greene know about Fryar? When did she know it?  And why didn't she move as swiftly as she did on Bothwell?
Fryar's actions come close to vandalism.  Bothwell's are more akin to walking down the street with a pocket full of change and feeding expired meters ahead of a cop writing tickets.
And, Wanda Greene has some explaining to do as well, for her epic ignorance of a major function on that Monday, and not having the garage properly staffed for it.
Thank you to Cecil for doing something that has helped shed light on a much broader systematic failure on the County's end, and for helping expose a major act of vandalism by a County Commissioner.
THAT'S the big story, folks!
And, the satire aside (though there's more truth than satire intended here), Cecil Bothwell is coming on my show at 3 PM today to address the story from the source itself, rather than a lot of waging tongues of people who are beside themselves with blindly partisan glee, and now getting ensnared by it because they leaped before they looked.