Ferguson, Missouri has erupted into violence again, as the second week of chaos gets underway, and back to school is postponed.

More tear gas, more heavily armored Cops roaming the mean streets.  An 8 year old child was reportedly hit with tear gas over the weekend.

So much for keeping the peace.

It begs to be asked: How militarized are we in Asheville, as well as other parts of the country?  Asheville Blade's David Forbes decided to get to the bottom of things here in Asheville, while the New York Times give a county by county breakdown across the US.




Who is is surprised to learn that Buncombe county has 2 grenade launchers and 2 armored vehicles, as well as 82 Assault rifles and 20 night vision items.

Check out the interactive map of the nation, from NY Times. If you dare....