Word has gotten out, and the clock is ticking.

I will be hosting the entire Norman Goldman show tonight, immediately following my show.  That's right: 6 hours straight of radio goodness from right here in little ole Asheville's tiny Progressive stuio.  The www.mysanctuaryhome.com studio to be precise.

This is my first time, going nation wide.  Sure, I have been a guest a few times on the Bill Press show, and on Norm's show, but this is the entire show. 

I'll be bringing Asheville to the national stage, via Norm's show.

I'm going to be talking to guests tonight that represent the best of the best, here on the local level, and will elevate Asheville to Norm's audience.

Tate MacQueen will be stopping by!  www.TateMacQueen.com

Barry Summers will be sharing his news with us! www.saveourwaterwnc.com

David Huff of www.TrueBlueNC.org will join us by phone!

And regional filmmaker Theresa Phillips will share a lost tale of WNC History and Legacy with us, and give some scoops on the upcoming film, set to start shooting later this year (and the screenplay was written by me!) http://thelincolnenigma.com/

And, for those not able to hear the show, for whatever reason, you can stream it live from our website, or check out the Jeff Messer Show video page over on www.Ashevillechannel.com to watch the live video stream!

Plus, we'll hear from folks over the phone at 1-888-321-6001

I'm excited! Hope you can tune in!