What a social media storm this Hobby Lobby ruling from SCOTUS has ignited.  So much so, that, no doubt, these Free Market Christian business folks will soon be complaining that they are losing business due to the backlash.

Free Market rules. Too bad, so sad.

What we know is this:

The Hobby Lobby case decided that a Corporation, in addition to being granted personhood previously, can now also hold a religion so firmly as to opt out of things that rub them the wrong way.

Out goes contraception coverage requirements.

Viagra and the like, however, are still available to men who can't get it up enough to get it on with the, now unprotected, Hobby Lobby ladies in their lives.

Hobby Lobby, being a craft store, also has a lot of cheaply made plastic type stuff filling their shelves.  Now, unless there's a secret site where all of this stuff is made in America, it most probably comes from, among other  places, China.

Fact: China's strict one child laws make it the world leader in abortions, to the tune of 13 million or so in recent years, to 336 million over the 4 decades since we've had Rowe V Wade here in the US of A.

I would think that a devout Christian company, like Hobby Lobby, would be even more outraged at this fact, and would sever ties with such a God-less nation as China.  I mean, they did fight all the way to the Supreme Court over a little daily pill that prevents pregnancy (among other uses), so I'm sure their righteous outrage at China's practices are epic!

(Crickets chirp.)

Fact: It has been quickly proven that the pension plans that are in place for the Lobby of Hob folks, contains some stocks and shares of companies that actually manufacture a variety of contraceptive items.

An oversight, no doubt. Just like the fact that GOP members of Congress had plans for them and their own that included abortion coverage, as was discovered a few years back in a heated, hypocritical outburst or two.

(Crickets chirp.)

Personally, I can't wait for the news that Hobby Lobby is divorcing themselves from China and the companies that help make up their benefits package.

But I don't foresee them seeing how hypocritical they are being, as the celebrate their victory, with cringing timidity.