Less than a day until July 4th.  Less than 100 days to get registered to vote in the November election.

I see a strong connection between these two things.

If you get all teary-eyed at the fireworks (thank you China) and the grilled hotdogs (thank you Germany) then you should be amped up and ready to do one of the most patriotic things you can possibly do: Vote.

Our Founding Fathers made some pretty big sacrifices and took some major risks to get us independence.  Sure, they were the elite of their time. Sure, they were mostly wealthy landowners. But many of them lost it all, afterward, in their sacrifice. Very few of the Founders went own to fame, wealth and prosperity. At least to the likes of which are implied before, during and after our modern day politicians have.

You have to be rich to win. You get richer once you win. You get life benefits once you win. And you get even richer after you lose, or leave.

If you are a patriot, you need to step up, in November, and make sure that some of these elite, rich, non-leaders can more quickly get on with their private rich, elite lives, and make way for people who are willing and interested in serving the greater good of the people, and not just the handful of people who write them big fat checks to get their time, attention and legislation.

We can do better.

We should do better.

And, tomorrow, as you are celebrating our nation's birth, whether you are sincere or just pretending to be all choked up about how all-fired gosh-darned glory, glory, rah, rah, great this nation is, remember that we get the leaders we deserve based on whether you go out and vote. And then, hold them accountable, once they win.

God bless America, because voter laziness and apathy are damning it.