Look! Bowe Bergdahl is back on duty, as soon as today.  A military investigation, cleared him of any wrong doing while captured, and it looks like the final investigation has led to a To Bowe! moment, as he is headed back to duty.


And below is a link to all of the rightwingers in the media, politics and social media, apologizing for wrongful condemnation of Bergdahl before all the facts were in:





Oh. Right. There are none.

Without Apology! That's the GOP way.  Right, wrong, or anywhere in between - you won't catch them admitting anything less than being right all the time.

Of course, in recent weeks, polls have shown that 70% and more of registered Republicans who have gotten on ObamaCare, are actually happy with it.


Again, a list of links of the GOP apologizing, and admitting they were wrong:






Nope. Not a one.

In the meantime, I submit to you, two candidates for songs we should all think of when we think of the GOP come this November's midterms: