Well, yesterday was a new first for me. And a second to follow that first, and another first.

First:  the first first:  A caller weighed in on gay marriage, and said a number of things that I didn't particularly all agree with, but I let him say what he had to say. I even agreed with him on a few of the finer points he made.  However, some of his broader strokes really didn't sit well.  Mind you, he's a regular caller and I enjoy the debate with someone from "the other side" of the argument. In fact, he and I have found that we agree on more things then we tend to disagree on.

However, the next caller - a supporter of gay marriage and rights, took caller 1 to task on those broad strokes.  In fine detail and with a lot of strong facts. He made my arguments stronger with his call, and I thank him for that.

But that's the first time I've had caller 2 take on caller 1's call.  Cool.

Well, later in the show, the second first happened, when that happened again! Caller A said some pretty basic right wing talking point sounding things, then caller B called in to rip caller A a new one.

I had to bring some tone of civility back to the conversation, but all in all, it went well.

Wow.  Two pairs of callers going at each other. This was a new experience for me.

The other first for me was when that Caller A called in with his talking points, it was the first time I've had a caller break the barrier of civile discourse with me on the air, and start just spewing the Rush/Hannity/Beck garbage.  And to that end, I had to shout him down a bit, breaking out of my devil-may-care mode.  Well, when B.S. is so obvious, even I couldn't let it stand.

All told, yesterday was a great day, great fun and full of surprises.  I even felt a little like Montel or Springer there for a moment or two.