From the assinine statement: "I'm the Senator, you're the citizen.  You need to sit down." remark from Tommy Tucker (R)  Chairman of the North Carolina Senate's State and Local Government Committee, to the sly bullying tactic taken by Rep Mike Stone (R) to get a radio show taken off the air at Central Carolina Community College, because of a blog posted by one of the hosts of the weekly show, "The RANT," we are seeing how the folks in NC who are in charge, plan to get their way, no matter what the law or the people say.

Need we forget the anti-1st amendment proposal, and the idiotic email statement by Michele Presnell (R) that immediately took the concept of praying to Allah, and declared in reply:  "I do not condone terrorism!"  then responding: "No. You are wrong" when the emailer tried to educate her out of her ignorance over the difference between Allah and terrorism.

Such is NC under the GOP.

Asheville's water?  Questionably unconstitutional.  So what?  Approved!

Millions in Unemplyment benefits from the Federal Government?  Denied acceptance!  Disaster for many unemployeed as of July 1.

Federal support for Medicaid?  Don't want none!  Risk for the elderly and disabled.

At some point, can we just start a class action lawsuit against them for crimes against humanity in the state that they are supposed to be serving?

It would seem that their goal is to drive NC as far back into the deep South as possible. So much so, that we'll eventually be indistinguishable from Alabama or South Carolina.  God forbid.