I will be part of the fun, down at Diana Wortham Theatre, tonight, as part of the 7th Annual Ashevile Music Video awards!


The Nominees Are:


Lifecurse "Patterns"

Alpha Lee "Welcome"

Hunter "The Motion"

Emily Easterly "Decent Animal"

Shorty Cant Eat Books "Breakdown"

The Secret B-Sides, Featuring Secret Agent 23 "Rap 'N' Roll"

Underhill Rose "Helpless Wanderer"

Marley Carroll "Speed Reader"

The Broadcast "Don'T Waste It"

Big Dave "Spaceman Jones"

Future West "Ghosts Are Everywhere"

Stereo Reform "Fire"

Crazyhorse & Colston Featuring Hunter "Makeshift Spaceships"

Joe Lasher Jr. "How A Country Boy Rides"

Indigo Desouza "Color Outside The Lines"

Posh Hammer "Don'T Tell Me It'S Love"

Yo Mama'S Big Fat Booty Band "Trunk Fallin' Off"

Jon Stickley "Darth Radar"

Amore Jones "Nasty World"

Zansa "Jahili"

Free Radio "Coolin In My Mind"

Pierce Edens "Montana"

Hellblinki "All For You"

Gold Light "True Love Never Dies"