Wouldn't you know, now that the US Supreme Court is set to rule on the decades long CTS contamination site in South Asheville, the long-negligent EPA has come forward and declared that there are contaminants in the water.

It kind of falls under the heading of "too little, too late" in some ways.



Ironic too, that the news comes AFTER the Supreme Court hears the case, and on the final day of the Fine Arts Theatre screening of Katie Damien's film, "My Toxic Backyward."


Tate MacQueen will be checking in with us today, about this "news," and we'll be going live with a press conference from the site at a few minutes past 4 today.


And, Mike Mason of WLOS, who has been on this story, and a key player in making it move all the way to the Supreme Court, will be following up on it in the 6 PM broadcast on WLOS, here in Asheville.  (Mike is nominated for a couple of Emmy awards now, for his work!)



And, of course, I'm going to stay on this story too, as 880 has been one of the loudest and proudest supporters of the effort to find the truth.