It's Entrepreneurship Week, and our good friends at Advantage West, have lined up a great array of local businesses for us to feature each day at 4 PM. This year, we're focusing on the great outdoors as a general theme, which is great considering the environment that surrounds us, and one of the big reasons that people are drawn to WNC.

Advantage West serves the 23 Western counties in NC, and helps with start ups and small businesses who need a boost to get off the ground.  Despite a cut in funding on the state level (I mean, who wants to see small businesses succeed in WNC anyway, right?) Advantage West continues to work hard to help the regional economy grown and flourish.

Big thanks to Kathi Peterson and Matt Rakers for putting together the week's guests.

We've already seen two of them, with a third coming today, but I wanted to be sure that people who were curious, could learn more.  So, here are the companies that we're hosting this week, and their websites:

Sylvan Sport:

Astral Designs:

Suspension Experts:

LightHeart Gear:

Outrider USA:


All of this week's guests are part of the Outdoor Gear Builders, and you can find out more at:

And, as always, learn more about the great folks at Advantage West at: