The news came down, earlier today, thanks to Tate MacQueen posting the update online this morning.

The Supreme Court has ruled against the people, and in favor of Corporate pollution and corruption.

I can't say that I was surprised, as we have talked about my concerns that ruling in favor of the citizens who have been effected by the CTS site, and the EPA cover-up, could spell trouble for the hundreds - if not thousands - of potential similar sites across the country that would now be emboldened to step up and fight for their right to not be lied into being poisoned by the very land they live on. No doubt, such a thing would lead to billions upon billions of costs from businesses having to fix their criminal poisonings.  And, since corporations are people, why not rule that they are actually a little more important than actual people.


This comes only a few days after the news broke that over a dozen families near the CTS site were ordered to evacuate the area due to dangerous levels of TCE in the air.  The EPA ordered the evacuation.

Of courser the EPA also tested the site back in 2002 and ruled it to be a dire situation, in need of immediate action.

And then they proceeded to ignore it, and cover their inept tracks. In fact, it wasn't until the case made it to the Supreme Court that they chose to get proactive again, after 12 years of doing nothing, despite the outcry from the citizens who knew that something was wrong.

Ironic that the same people who were ordered to evacuate due to the dangers, woke up today to learn that the Supreme Court seemed to think that there was no basis for their case or concerns.