You know, it wasn't so many years ago that Climate Change was being agreed upon by both sides of the political landscapes here in America.  Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich did ads together, agreeing.  McCain made speeches about it, as if it were settled.  Hell, even George W. Bush came around to acknowledging it in his 2nd term.

So what happened?  Where did it all go backward?

Is it too easy to point to 2008's election of Barack Obama, as being the thing that gave the Right Wing the excuse to retreat away from science, letting the partisan hate provide cover for them to reverse course and sell out again to the destroyers of the environment over the environment itself - of which, we only have one, while having several energy sources and alternatives....

But, here in NC, check out last night's debate of those clowns running for Senate, as they deny climate change, science and rational thought.

Ostriches have their heads in the sand.  Where do these people have theirs?