The news of the day, locally, seems to be swirling around the DUI arrest of City Council Member, Cecil Bothwell.  As you all know, Cecil is a friend of this show, and has been a guest numerous times.

The details are that he was driving a friend's car (said friend was also in the car, according to reports) without a tag, and the Highway Patrol pulled him over on I-240 last night.

Upon the stop, they felt inclined to check Bothwell for driving under the influence.

The legal limit in NC is .08, and Bothwell is reported to have .10, just .02 abouve the limit.

A lot of chatter today has centered around whether or not such a thing should prompt him to resign from City Council, to which he has come out saying that: “I don’t see why it [the DWI charge] would affect my ability to continue to legislate. I don't think it should.” (Thanks to the reporting of David Forbes of the new Asheville Blade.

And, I'm inclined to agree, that this is not something worty of Bothwell having to step down.

In his phone interview with The Asheville Blade, Bothwell said, “I made a stupid choice — I did not think I was impaired.”