Tate MacQueen kicked off today's show, with a major announcement that is sure to set political campaigning on its ear:

Tate is asking that contributors give 50% of what they were planning to contribute, and then immediately donate the other 50% themselves to a local organization  or organizations that are doing good work in their community. Tate says it's a win - win -  win. The community wins by funding organizations that are helping others in real need right now and doing it everyday, the contributor wins because they get a tax-deduction and Tate wins by having people support his MacQueen in 2014 efforts. He calls it The 50-50 Fair Share Campaign and he is encouraging other candidates to follow this example. I think we should help spread the word about a terrific opportunity to help make a difference in our communities by letting people know what Tate MacQueen is doing in his community and throughout the 10th Congressional District.
Organizations in the Asheville / Buncombe County area that Tate hopes people will contribute their other 50% to include Manna Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, the Rape Crisis Center, Brother Wolf, the French Broad River Keepers, Asheville Green Works and shelters for the homeless and victims of domestic violence.

You read that right.

MacQueen mentioned it live on air on Monday, with Bill Press, as we covered Mountain Moral Monday 2, but I wanted to make sure to get this news to the people on its own, and away from the wonderful chaos of Monday's broadcast.

This is a paradigm shift in how candidates represent their districts, and it is a challenge to all other candidates.


And speaking of challenging candidates:

MacQueen turned up in a video I found on youtube, when he made an appearance as a citizen of the 10th District at Partick McHenry's recent townhall in Belmont, NC.

Wow.  Stellar, professional, and measured as always, MacQueen gets the better of McHenry at Little Mc's own campaign stop.


Check it out:


A great moment, no?  Share this, and the news of the new approach to being a man of the people that Tate MacQueen has began!