A joke that started out of the story of a PA middle schooler doing a science project that ultimately led to the discovery that the US Government could save nearly $400 million a year in printing costs, just by switching from Times New Roman type to Garamond, led down a curious path.

Here's that story (which is a mind blower):


I actually have to credit Pete Kaliner for posting it first, over on Facebook.  To which, I commented  about the cost of making pennies and nickels, which outweigh their face value and how the government wouldn't go for it because it made sense.

Pete mentioned, jokingly, the Big Toner Lobby learning from the Big Nickel and Big Penny lobbies.  To which, I joked that the Big Penny lobby had Batman support.

I dropped the joke into the conversation, in the first hour, and threw it out there for listeners who could figure out the cryptic reference.

Fast forward an hour, and Erin calls the show on behalf of her 11 year old song Teague, who was beside himself when he heard me mention it, and insisted on his mom calling me when they got home so he could reveal the answer.

I have to say, it was a fun and very cool call to take, and a tip of the hat to Teague for knowing his Batman Trivia.

Here's a great link, showing what Teague and I were talking about. For those who are curious: