Ever hear the saying: "Healthy, wealthy and wise?"

Honestly, I think that saying sums up so much about the political divide in our nation.

The Progressives out there are keen on the concepts of "Healthy" and "wise," while the Rightwingers are clearly only interested in "wealthy."

Clearly, they lack "wise" in epic proportions.  Note the recent Shutdown attempt to stall the open enrollment of ObamaCare.  Also, note pretty much everything Ted Cruz has said before, during and since.  Of course, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum filled this space previously and often.  The players change, the idiocy remains the same.

Also, take note of Don Yelton from here in Buncombe County.

But, the key story these days that is filling the vaccum seems to be that the people who were so hot and heavy into stopping ObamaCare are now wanting to see heads roll for the slow rollout of ObamaCare.

"Wise" is something they will never be accused of being.

But pay close attention through all the noise.  The details and facts are starting to seep through the crazy.  It is hard to hear it all, because the crazy is so damned loud, but if you take a breath and be patient.  Slow and steady.

Details forthcoming, as hearings take up hours in the day.

Here's my prediction:  the end results will be more embarassment for the GOP for their loud and ignorant over-reach.  You know? What they do best.