Yesterday was 9/11.  Twelve years after the attacks on our nation.  Naturally, a lot of folks were honoring that day in a variety of ways.

I had intended to blog about it, but technical difficulties on the web page led to that blog not posting properly.  I was going to spend an hour of the show talking about it, then moving on to the president's speech about Syria from the night before.

Then something strange happened. We started talking. Just talking.  I opened it up for folks to share their "I remember where I was on 9/11" moments, and reflections on the event.

What followed was an amazing series of phone calls and discussions that I found to be quite moving and inspiring. 

No restrictions were set, and the phone lines were opened.  And the listeners felt like sharing. Not just sharing, but sharing honestly.  There were discussions that took us deep into the effects and aftermath of 9/11 and the details and "facts" that were settled upon, and the "facts" that have gone unanswered for over a decade.

Sometimes, we can feel a bit reluctant to talk openly about the huge question marks that still hang over that tragic event.  But yesterday was not one of those days.  All views were allowed, and I found that everyone treated it with due respect and seriousness, while also questioning the results that we've had to live with for twelve years.

Just when I thought I knew you all so well, you surprise me again.  It was a great day.

Thank you all.