Soul Mate Relationships – Revealed!
Just in time for Valentine’s Day!
Hans King will discuss the higher purpose of soul mate relationships. He will reveal how and why Spirit guides us to soul mates. According to our past reincarnations, karma and the Law of Free Will, we choose who we wish to interact with before we were born for many reasons – including lessons. A soul mate may have agreed to be a mirror for you. Regardless if you understand why there is a magnetic attraction to a person, relationships with soul mates are arranged when you request to be incarnated and delivered with the loving guidance of Spirit.

Soul Mate Family, Friends and Animals
Sanctioned soul mates come in infinite forms. Many times you will reincarnate with specific parents and soul mate friends because you agreed in advance that they would present karmic lessons to you. The mindbender is that you, as their child, may have agreed to present your parents with lessons. If you are parents, realize you and your children have karma with each other. As a parent, look for ways to help your children along their path. You all agreed to help each other with your lessons on this side.
The lessons we’ll review are:
• Don’t blame others for painful relationships.
• Be grateful for the lessons learned from others.
• Relax. Sometimes soul mate friends and animals are there to have fun and provide unconditional love!