For the New Year, our theme is The Spirituality of Gratitude. The movie “White Christmas” has a song “Count Your Blessings” that goes “I fall asleep counting my blessings”. You could worry, which causes mind chatter, stress and a restless night. Instead, the brilliance of the song tells us to be grateful for what we do have, leading to positive thoughts, a higher vibration and peace, which leads us closer to God in a meditative state and asleep.

Most parents teach their children to say “thank you” and most religions teach gratefulness as part of spiritual practice. Do we know why this is such a common practice across religions and cultures? Consider that gratefulness follows the law of giving. Taking and hording lead to selfishness, control and isolation. Giving, blessing and praying lead to peace, togetherness and oneness. Likewise, gratitude feeds into to universal energy and in return we feel the bliss of God.